Patron Seed Division


Patron Seed Corporation is playing a key role in seed business as a producer & importer of the superlative quality seed of various crops. Our major emphasis is on field crops like Cotton, Rice, Wheat, Corn Sunflower and Canola as well as minor crops like Vegetables and Fodders crops like Sorghum Sudan Grass and Barseem. Patron Seeds Corporation offers a broad range of quality products as unique Double gene and triple gene Bt Cotton, Hybrids and open-pollinated varieties in Rice, Corn, Sunflower, Pearl millets, Fodders, and Vegetables. Our R&D team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced human resource and their key objective is to develop such varieties which are not only compatible to our local environment but also give supreme yield and as a result of this practice financial position of our growers will definitely upgrade. The prime objective of our designated team are,


> Cotton Breeding Program at Seed research farms.

> Testing and evaluating a comprehensive range of different seed varieties.

> Regenerating seed by making sure rich seed for better yield.

> Working on Hybrid Seeds Development of various crops.

> Genetically Modified Crops Development.

> Seed processing and Quality Assurance.