To meet high standard formulation in granule insecticides for major crops i.e. Rice, Maize, Sugarcane and Orchards etc. state of art formulation plant is established in heart of Tayaba Industrial Zone Sheikhupura which is adjacent to Lahore-Islamabad Motor Way. This plant is established in 2016 with the production capacity of 8-10 Tons / Hour. The Plant has most modernized automated PLC system with least human involvement. High-quality silica for the desired grade is prepared and high-end recipe by using top quality sticking. A Most Advance Granular Plant agent. All quality measures thoroughly analyzed by the support of advanced technology Lab spontaneously at every step. Main products formulated are Carbofuran, Cartap Hydrochloride, Fipronil, Monomehypo, and Phorate. We have all expertise to run any tailor-made recipe by any customer.